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Top 6 Benefits of Electric Bikes

Blog Top 6 Benefits of Electric Bikes
How many good reasons to ride an e-bike can you think of? We came up with 6! Keep reading to find out.

1. Getting there faster

Due to the boosting technology e-bikes usually provide, they get you to places faster than traditional bikes. Besides, an electric bike allows you to ride for much longer when compared to a regular bicycle. Challenging and steep terrain will not be a problem ever again!

2. Improves your fitness

Did you know that riding an e-bike is just as good as riding a regular bike when it comes to improving fitness? Using an electric bike as part of your daily travel is a great way to introduce physical activity to your everyday routine. It allows you to exercise your muscles, lungs, and heart while enjoying a bit of fresh air.


3. Increases metabolism and core muscles strength

As the electric bike allows you to ride for longer periods of time, it trains you for high endurance and medium intensity workouts. Cycling involves most major muscle groups and it specifically trains your core muscles and your glutes.

4. Enjoy time with friends and family

Although we find ourselves in an atypical situation requiring social isolation, electric bikes are a great way to spend more time having fun with friends and family members, allowing them to join in for an afternoon ride after work. And best of all, with guaranteed safety distance!

5. Reduces stress

Did you know that regular exercise through your electric bike helps in managing the build-up of the stress hormone cortisol in your body? Due to this relief in cortisol levels, you can experience a natural form of relaxation.


6. E-bikes are protagonists of future mobility

A future on two wheels? We believe so! Bicycles are transforming and reshaping cities. With active mobility in constant growth, electric bikes play an important role in urban mobility. They are safe, decrease traffic and noise pollution, and contribute to increase air quality in cities.

Do you think you need more reasons to start riding an electric bike? We invite you to embrace active mobility at full speed by including e-bikes in your life!

By Rita Silva
December 15th, 2020