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The BRIGHT MATERIALS 'S GLOWING FRIT is the innovative eco-sustainable concept that combines the natural luminescence with the glass, to create spaces featuring an interior light of its own. We have developed, patented and perfected these techniques since 2000. The luminescent effect lasts for hours without the need for electricity, but only with the exposure to any light source, both natural (SUN) and artificial.

This effect of natural luminescence can create decorative paths that offer safety, aesthetics and energy savings. It's a delicate light that gives a strong emotion to the environment, without creating glare or disturbance.

Can be mixed or seeded on the surface for :
•  paving draining
•  pedestrian and cycle tracks
•  roads and access
•  areas to users and promiscuous "zone 30"
•  avenues and roads in areas under environmental protection
•  routes to sports facilities and golf courses
•  parking areas, trails and walkways
The advantages are:
•  A source of clean, renewable energy
•  harmless to the environment and humans
•  recharging with any source of natural or artificial light
•  Maintains its characteristics for several decades
•  Water, fire, chemical and mechanical shocks do not compromise its effectiveness
•  It can be used in environmental and road safety


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