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European Cyclists’ Federation ECF asbl

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Legal Status

ECF is a non- profit organization (ASBL, association sans but lucratif) under Belgian law.

ECF’s statutes are published in the Moniteur Belge of April 24, 1997.


” ECF”, “Velo-city” and “EuroVelo, the European Cycle Route Network” are registered marks of ECF asbl.


Legal Address

European Cyclists’ Federation ECF asbl

Rue Franklin 28

1000 Brussels




Please contact: [email protected]


General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the highest body of the ECF. The AGM traditionally takes place in May or June and lasts from Friday to Sunday morning. AGMs have usually been attended by about 40 – 50 participants from about 20 – 25 countries.


The Board

The Board is elected annually by the Annual General Meeting. It consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 persons. It has a president, a treasurer and, optionally, one or more vice-presidents.

The board members meet 4 times per year and take strategic level decisions.

Find board overview here.


The staff

In its office in Brussels ECF employs several professionals. Find the staff overview here.


ECF Founding Documents

1983 Copenhagen, Denmark. Find it here.