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At the heart of Parque das Nações, the Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL) has been chosen to host Velo-city 2021 Lisboa, the largest cycling conference of the year. Its 5 stages will feature the different Velo-city sessions animated by a panel of international experts and specialists. Beyond the conference session areas, there will be a networking and exhibition area with the Ambassador lounge room and many more surprises!

Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Center

Known for its excellence in organizing large events, FIL - Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre hosts the most innovative events every year in a spectacular, festive, and colourful environment. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Velo-city 2021 Lisboa will take place in compliance with all the safety and hygiene norms, abiding by the recommendations of the Government and Health Authorities.


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Rua do Bojador

1998-010 Lisboa



Parque das Nações

In contrast to other more historical parts of Lisbon, the Parque das Nações (Park of Nations) is strikingly modern, filled with futuristic architecture, creative gardens, and urban art. Located by the Tejo river, it features the main music venue of Lisbon, the fabulous oceanarium, a major shopping center, and a wide selection of fancy bars and restaurants.


All of this, at the distance of a bike ride from the city center since the whole Parque das Nações area is connected by a separated bike lane network.


See you this late summer at Fil – Parque das Nações, in Lisbon!

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